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David & Jenny



Millions across the globe have witnessed David & Jenny in over a thousand live performances, as well as appearances on America’s Got Talent and international TV networks.

David’s inspiration came at the age of 8 when a juggler pulled him on stage. By the age of 17, David had already won the world juggling championships and set several world records. 

Having mastered juggling, David was hungry for a new challenge and found his skills enabled him to quickly excel in the art of magic.

Today, David and his fiancé Jenny perform world class illusions and innovative feats such as making a motorcycle appear out of thin air and a modernized version of Houdini’s greatest escape. Their magic is interlaced with hilarious comedy and audience participation, and enhanced by special effects lighting and video projection backdrops. 

Looking to push the boundaries of magic, Jenny brings her engineering background to help create some of the most mind twisting illusions being performed today.

Best of all David & Jenny have a unique ability to connect with the audience and make them laugh, creating an unforgettable experience for ALL ages.

“You did an AMAZING act!” – Nick Cannon

“I like you and I like your act!” – Heidi Klum 

Fundraising Program


Fundraising Program Info

Best New Fundraising Opportunity

You can raise THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in only one night with no risk, no products, and while bringing a fun event to your  community. The process is completely free, zero risk, and EASY.

How is this possible??? MAGIC… no, but actually! A magic show! We bring the show and you let people know about it! This show does not involve silly card tricks or pulling rabbits out of hats. We combine the feeling of a concert with over $50,000 worth of Vegas style illusions such as making a 300lb motorcycle materialize out of thin air and a modernized version of Houdini’s escape act. Did we mention we were finalists on America’s Got Talent?

Logistics wise, we carry ALL production equipment necessary to host the show, so if your school doesn't have an auditorium, or if your auditorium is too small, we can turn your gymnasium into a beautiful theater! 

Wait, but isn’t promoting a show difficult and time consuming?

NOT with our turnkey marketing program. We've already done 90% of that for you! We will provide you our marketing kit free of charge. It includes banners, lawn signs, posters, social media content, online ticketing, flyers, and tested strategies to get the most out of your efforts. 

Your group keeps 50% of ticket sales PLUS 100% of concessions and program ads! Imagine: Your group promotes the show to the community and fills 1000 seats averaging $10 each. That’s $10,000 in ticket sales alone!

Please get in touch with us so that your group can host a world class benefit show that your community will thank you for!